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Two Working Artists’ Studio Locations
The Artists’ Atelier at 756 Walker Road || Great Falls, VA
The Artists’ Loft at 766 Walker Road ||  Great Falls, VA

One part of the mission of The Arts of Great Falls is to offer studio space for rent in Great Falls for artists to work.  In 2016, The Arts of Great Falls opened a NEW studio called THE ARTISTS’ LOFT.  A variety of artistic styles make the space a popular place for the community to pop in and see what is on the easels and the wall in the heart of Great Falls Village Centre.  The community is welcome to come witness this dynamic, unique and creative environment during open hours and whenever an artist is working and the OPEN signs are out. COME IN!

The Artists AtelierAtelierFront2
The 10 “Atelier” artists share the studio space,  where they create, collaborate and display their work.  Artists include Jill Banks (Oils), Roberta Beasley (Mixed Media), Jennifer Duncan (Mixed Media Abstract), Elaine Elinsky (Abstract), Cindy Grisdela (Fiber), Carol Howard (Oils), Walt Lawrence (Photography), Joyce Lee (Oils), John McCabe (Oils), Christine Rollins (Botanical), and Judith St. Ledger-Roty (Oils).
Great Falls Artists’ Atelier website click here

The Artists Loft
The 6 artists in this shared studio located above Great Falls Creamery include Cindi Berry (Oils), Linda Cameron (Oils, Mixed Media), Yeggy Hejazi (Oils), Donna Robinson (Oils), Robin Rosner (Oils), Ruth Sievers (Oils)